ultrasonic testing


Ultrasonic testing course provides the knowledge required to understand the method, operate the ultrasonic flaw detector, perform weld scanning, record, classify and report the test results. Our course structure is compiled based on the guidelines established in PCN/GEN Appendix C1. Detailed class-work and proven “hands-on” exercises gives the student a thorough understanding of the theories and concepts.

BRIEF TOPICS (some topics may not be applicable or limited for Level 1 personnel)

  • UT theory and its applications

  • Advantages and limitations of UT

  • Familiarization of the equipment and probes

  • Calibration of the equipment and probe using various reference blocks

  • Codes / standards requirements as per BSEN, ASTM / ASME & AWS etc.

  • Scanning on different type of full and partial penetration weld specimen (Plates, Pipes, Structural welds, Nodes, Nozzles etc) (depending on category attempting for PCN candidates and for plates and pipes for ASNT SNT TC 1A candidates)

  • Interpreting, characterizing, positioning, sizing and evaluating the UT signals

  • Instruction writing

  • Preparation of the reports


  • 6 Days (60 hours) for qualification to PCN Level 1 scheme

  • 12 Days (120 Hours) for PCN Level 2 (category 3.1 & 3,2) & ASNT SNT TC 1A Level 2

  • 15 Days (150 hours) for PCN Level 2 (3.1, 3.2, 3.8, 3.9 i.e. All category)

Instructions include 50% class-room training with power point presentation, lecture, Q&A and 50% hands-on practical on A-Star engineered weld flaw samples.


NDT technicians, NDT Inspectors & Engineers who are aspiring to acquire the knowledge & certification in Ultrasonic Testing Level 1 and/or Level 2.


This course provides access to examination to PCN Level 1 or PCN Level 2 or employer based SNT TC 1A NDT Level 1 or Level 2.  PCN certification will be awarded upon successful completion of General, Specific and Practical examinations with an aggregate of 80%. All PCN Examinations comply with PCN/GEN C1 requirements.


We provide training materials, UT equipment & probes, calibration blocks and sample specimens.


Not more than 10 participants per each batch.


(Note: Topics are briefly mentioned here, you may request through email on actual topics which is based on respective PCN Gen appendix for specific method)