We sell products for PA-AUT & TOFD for application on Pipe girth welds, Long seams, Pressure vessel welds, Storage Tank welds and many other applications

  • Semi Automated scanner holding multi probe (PA-AUT & TOFD) combination (up to 6 probes in total)

  • Motorized PA-AUT scanner holding multiple probes (PA-AUT & TOFD) combination (up to 6 probes in total)

  • Automated scanner for PAUT & TOFD for application in

    • Pipe girth welds

    • Pressure vessel welds

    • Storage Tank welds

  • ID scanners for application in

    • Pipe and pressure vessels welds

    • Storage Tanks

    • Blow Out Preventer(BOP)

    • Flange/Nozzle

ASTC & Glendale are proud to present the UMS semi-automated scanner. Scanner is designed to One Scanner Multiple application for:

  • Pipe Girth Welds from

  • Pipe Long Seam welds

  • Internal ID scanning

  • Pressure Vessels welds for circumferential and Longitudinal Seams

  • Storage Tanks

Important Features of UMS Scanner

  • Fixed offset scanning as the probe holder runs on fixed band (less than 0.5mm deviation)

  • Multiple probe for PAUT, TOFD and Pulse Echo options

  • Scanning in horizontal and Vertical positions without difficulty (Band comes with magnetic holder to facilitate easy installation on horizontal and vertical pipe, pressure vessels and storage tanks)

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