Qualification or validation blocks that contain induced defects are essential tool in qualification of procedure and personnel. These blocks essentially contain various types of natural and artificial discontinuities, which includes volumetric and planar discontinuities, of different sizes and categorized as acceptable and unacceptable criteria.

Our specialist engineers and welders have manufactured many specimens, which includes pipes, plates, pressure vessel sections, nozzles, nodes etc., with requirements matching to ASME Sec VIII, API 650, B31.3, B31.1 etc. We provide blocks based on customers requirements.

All blocks are supplied with an option of RT, PAUT, TOFD & UT reports.

Additionally at the request of the customer, a sample block can be manufactured to validate our process of manufacturing.

Qualification & Validation blocks essentially used for procedure and personnel demonstration are manufactured under stringent quality standards.  

  • Procedure qualification.
  • Demonstration.
  • Blind test on personnel.
  • As per code requirements (ASME, API, B31.3, B31.1 etc.).
  • Structural, Piping, Pressure vessel, Storage tank etc.
Our Strength
  • Experience in manufacturing over one thousand specimens with natural and artificial defects.
  • Customized sizes and discontinuities.
  • Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Duplex Stainless steel etc
  • Competitive cost.
  • Faster delivery.
  • Reports prepared using UT, RT, PAUT & TOFD.
  • Validation of specimens.
  • Value added professional service.