Pressure vessels inspections are very critical and challenging. It needs strong technical backing and resources to meet the production schedule. Our technical team will ensure that we develop effective technique which will be further qualified using CIVA simulation and estimate the probability of detection (POD) for all welds (circumferential, longitudinal and nozzle welds). Our deterministic approach also estimates what cannot be detected and that allows us to supplement with a proper solution. The same technique will be physically validated

Try us and feel the difference, we make detailed approach and carefully crafted solutions to provide satisfaction and relief to owners, EPCM and fabrication contractors.

We have capability of manufacturing both calibration and validation blocks. We also have capability to manufacture scanner with semi automatic and fully automatic scanning options.

For pressure vessel, we provide combination of inspection solutions which include PAUT, TOFD and Dual Matrix Phased Array

  • Pressure Vessel weld in C-seam, L-seam & nozzles.
  • Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel with or without cladding.
  • Oil & Gas industries (ASME, Sec VIII Div 1 & Div 2, PD5500 etc.).
  • PAUT + TOFD combination.
  • Dish-ends and Nozzle welds using Dual Matrix Array .
Our Strength
  • Quality Inspection .
  • On time delivery.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • World class service.
  • Customer oriented policies.
  • Cost Comparable to RT
  • Faster results.
  • No stoppage of work for other trades.
  • Recordable results for verification.
  • Value added professional service.