Phased Array Ultrasonic


Phased array ultrasonic testing course provides the knowledge required to operate equipment and perform manual & encoded phased array testing on welds. The course covers theoretical aspects on phased array application, its advantages and limitations, application of phased array. It also includes requirements of code & standards. The course also covers in depth practical aspects for application of Phased Array on welds in Pipes & Plates using required accessories such as calibration blocks, validation samples, encoders, scanners etc. For this course we strongly recommend participants possess hands on experience in UT weld examination as Level II or Level III qualification. Our course structure is compiled based on the guidelines established in PCN/GEN Appendix E9

BRIEF TOPICS (some topics may not be applicable or limited for Level 1 personnel)

  • Phased array theory and application

  • System configuration

  • Plotting DAC, TCG

  • Calibration and Validation

  • Selection of parameters for PAUT on welds

  • Creation of setup files

  • Testing of specimen samples

  • Data acquisition & verification of data

  • Data analysis and Data Auditing

  • Locating, Flaw characterization and sizing


  • 8 Days (80 hours) for qualification to PCN Level 1 scheme & ASNT SNT TC 1A Level 2

  • 12 Days (120 hours) for PCN Level 2 Examination

Instructions include 40% class-room training with power point presentation, lecture, Q&A and 60% hands-on practical on A-Star engineered weld flaw samples.


  • 2 days PCN Level 2 (Welds) / ASNT Level II (Welds)


Level II or III UT personals aspiring to acquire the proficiency in testing using encoded phased array ultrasonic testing. Persons aspiring for certification to PCN Level 1, PCN Level 2, & employer based qualification and certification.

Important Note: Persons aspiring for PCN scheme shall possess respective PCN UT Level (in any one category for the respective sector) or equivalent certification prior to appearing for PCN examination. Please check the details at


This course provides access to examination to PCN Level 1 or PCN Level 2 or employer based SNT TC 1A NDT Level 1 or Level 2.  PCN certification will be awarded upon successful completion of General, Specific and Practical examinations with an aggregate of 80%. All PCN Examinations comply with PCN/GEN E9 requirements.


We provide training material, Omni scan equipment & probes, calibration blocks and sample specimens for practical training.


Not more than 8 participants per each batch


 (Note: Topics are briefly mentioned here, you may request through email on actual topics which is based on respective PCN Gen appendix for specific