Thickness, accessibility and complex shape of oil field components requires special inspection techniques to provide complete inspection and achieve higher integrity.

ASTC has been involved with inspecting conductor housing welds, choke & kill welds, drill pipe welds, blow out preventer welds (BOP) etc.

We have developed complete & effective solution to our customers to inspect these components.


API 6A and ASME Sec V allows the use of advanced UT (PAUT) in lieu of RT

  • Weldments in pipes & BOP & Nozzles (All diameter and thickness)
  • Material Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel
  • Oil & Gas industries (API 6A, API 1104 etc)
Our Strength
  • Experienced operators
  • Experience of testing in many projects.
  • We have range (diameter & thickness) of calibration and validation samples
  • We have experience in testing oil field components.
  • Cost comparable to RT
  • Faster results.
  • No stoppage of work for other trades
  • Recordable results for verification
  • Many more tangible and intangible benefits