1. What is the difference between PCN and ASNT qualification.

PCN is personnel certification in NDT, training is conducted by an Approved Training Centre (ATO) by BINDT and examination is conducted by an Approved Qualification Body (AQB) by BINDT. If the candidate is successful in the examination, BINDT (UK) will issue the certificate and mail it to the candidate’s postal address directly. For more details refer to PSL 10

 ASNT qualification is as per employer’s written practice for personnel qualification which is based ASNT’s document SNT-TC-1A. Employer’s NDT Level III or an outside Agency like A-Star Training & Consultancy will train and conduct the examination based on employer’s written practice. In the absence of the company written practice, recommendation of SNT-TC-1A will be followed for training, industrial experience and examination. Qualification records will be issued which will be signed by NDT Level III, employer can issue the NDT Level I or NDT Level II based on this qualification record.

2. What is the process of acquiring a PCN qualification?

The potential candidate must fulfill the following criteria:

NDT Training:   The range of minimal training for PCN Level 2 certification ranges from 40 hours for MT / PT, 56 hours for RI, 120 hours for UT, 80 hours for ToFD and 120 hours for PAUT.

Experience : The minimal industrial experience in specific sector for PCN Level 2 certification ranges from 3 months for MT / PT / PAUT, 6 months for RI, 9 months for UT / ToFD

Vision Test : Satisfactorily assessed for Near Vision acuity and Colour vision

evidenced by the PSL 44 –  Vision Certificate

3. What applications forms are required for the registration of PCN Levels I, II & III examinations?

You need to complete the following forms and have it processed thru your Authorised Training Organisation.(ATO)

PSL 57A  -Appplication for initial examination or PSL 57B  – Appplication for re examination or re certifications etc..

PSL 30    – Log of Pre-Certification experience
PSL 44    – Vision Requirements
PSL 33    – Verification of photographs supplied for fixing to the PCN wallet card

4. Am I eligible for PCN examinations and certifications if I have less the minimum experiencerequired by BINDT?

You may proceed with the examinations.If you successfully pass the examination, your certificate can  only be released by BINDT after you provide the evidence of attaining the minimal required work experience.

5. I am an experienced candidate. Can I be eligible directly for PCN examinations without training?

Training eligibility is mandatory.

However for experienced candidates BINDT may give reduction in number of training hours. The communication shall be established with BINDT and only upon their approval ATO can reduce the number of hours.

6. How do I go about applying for an re-examination in the 1 or 2 failed subjects?How soon can I wait to sit for the re-examination after my first failure?

You may only be re-examined twice for each failed part.   The 2 attempts must be made within a calendar year.   The re-exam can only take place 1month after your initial examination.

Re-examination within a month from the first attempt is permitted only ifevidenced by further training at the ATO.  This is subject to BINDT’s approval.

7. I have an ASNT Level II qualification in Ultrasonic Testing. Can I proceed to take PCNLevel2 Phased Assay Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) or Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD)?

Form PSL 68 provides the guidelines admission for PAUT&TofD courses for participants with other certifications.  Interested potential course participants to seek approval via PSL 49 – Application for exemption in PCN examinations for holders of BINDT recognized certification bodies.

(Please refer to Q 9 below)

8. Where can I get the Vision certification done?

The vision test can be conducted by any medical practitioner or qualified holders in ophthalmology training. Only 2 tests are called for – Near-vision acuity and Colour vision assessed by Ishihara 24 plate test.   BINDT also recognize that a PCN Level 3 with satisfactory training can also conduct the test.Evidence of test results to be documented in PSL 44.   The tenure of the test is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

9. As an ASNT Level 3 holder, what exemptions can I get for the PCN examination?

Request for exemptions from examinations should be addressed to BINDT’s PCN Records Office via Form PSL 49 – Application for exemption in PCN examinations for holders of BINDT recognized centres.

Upon receipt, BINDT will reply the applicant on the outcome via mail.

10. I want to sit for a re-certification examination in a particular method. What is the process?

BINDT will write to you  informingthe expiry date(s) of your existing certificate number.    Upon receipt of this note, complete CP16 –   and get in touch with an Authorised Training Organisation  (ATO) to book an appointment for your exam.   You should prepare for your re-certification 6 months before the expiry date.   Registration for the exam (submission of PSL 57B – Application for Re-certification or supplementary exam or a retest if a previously failed exam)

to be processed 2 months before the expiry date.

11. How long it will take to announce the results and receive the PCN certificate (if successful in the exam)

Results will be announced within 28 days from the date of examination. BINDT may take a week or two to despatch the certificate to the candidate’s postal address.